Uninterrupted power supply as catalyst for industrial transformation, development of South

Dr Charle Ebulue

Uninterrupted regular power supply is a positive development for economic development in Nigeria.

With the coming on board of Geometric Power plant’s 141MW on 26th February 2024,it is a positive change for Nigeria.

It is a positive change in the sense that it could spark some elements of promising industrial transformation and development in the southeast.

The economic possibilities of constant and regular power supply can only be imagined.

No meaningful development of any region or country can occur without regular and constant energy supply.

This is why ENERGY SECURITY is the corner policy of any state or country that wants to transform itself without limitations.

The USD 13 Billion TRANS SAHARA GAS PIPELINE from Bayelsa State, Nigeria to Spain, Europe traversing African countries through Mediterranean Sea into Spain is just to ensure Europe’s future energy security due to unreliability of Russia energy supply to Europe.

As days and years pass bye, I keep wondering WHAT Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) STANDS FOR,

By 2025, it will mark 20 years of unbundling of PHCN through the Electricity Reform Act of 2005 by the Federal Government of Nigeria into 11Distribution Companies with EEDC as 1 of entity companies.

20 years down the line,EEDC has not lived up to it’s mandate.

It has provided more darkness than light/power supply despite consumers paying for their energy.

EEDC has brought more heartaches and pains to its customers than relief and comfort throughout its operational history.

The month of February 2024 seems to be the worst darkness the consumers have paid than any other month in recent times.

Having been privileged to have attended series of meetings with the management of EEDC as a representative of my town Osumenyi on account of lack of power supply, I have always concluded on one constant thing; LITANY OF EXCUSES FOR FAILURE.

At a point, I have refused to attend such waste of time meetings anymore because the outcome is always the same – Excuses.

At what point would EEDC think out of the box in finding ways to stop making excuses for itself?

Anambra, Enugu , Imo, and Abia have an abundance of natural gas for electricity generation. Enugu State has the largest coal deposits in Nigeria, which are currently being mined and exported, yet litany of excuses are always on the lips of EEDC.

Let’s not forget in a hurry that Enugu coal power plant electrified almost South East and South South combine in the early sixties.

Currently, China, America, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Italy generate part of their electricity through coal power plant.

Is it not time for the management EEDC to look into its own electricity generation from multiple sources?

Is it possible for South East to develop without EEDC?

Can towns such as Nnewi, Osumenyi, Onitsha, Awka etc philanthropists, and business experts develop their own energy blue prints for their accelerated industrialisation?

What are these limitations that can not be tackled in 20 years?

There is no pleasure in moving around a circle.

We can not continue going in circles if we want and must develop as a people in a competitive world

To the Glory of God, Geometric Power plant owned by Prof Bath Nnaji, an independent power producer has shown the way and hopefully the healthy competition of competence, capacity, and collaboration would ginger the EEDC to wake up from slumber and energize the republican southeast into a frenzy of industrial activities and development to create the much needed employment for our region.

Congratulations to Geometric Power Plant Aba and Prof Bath Nnaji as they inaugurate their 141MW Station on the 26th of February 2024.

All hopes are not lost in Nigeria, after all.

Dr Charles Ebulue is a medical doctor at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH), Nnewi, Anambra State.

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