I can never again quit acting for any man –Tracy Edwin

Nollywood actress and newly appointed Actors Guild of Nigeria’s Special Adviser on Gender Equality, Okechukwu Chidinma Tracy aka Tracy Edwin, has vowed to never again sacrifice her acting career in a bid to please any man.

Tracy Edwin told Saturday Sun: “I can’t go naked in movies, no matter the offer. But I am okay with wearing just pants and bra. Aside that, I can play any role even if it involves deep kissing. Maybe, when I get married, I might stop the kissing and romance scenes. That will be after discussing with my husband. But I can never quit my acting career for any man again. It’s my passion, except unless I am ready to let go. I had done it before and ended up depressed. I left Nollywood for six years because of a relationship. My father is late and my sister, who was training me in school, wanted me to get involved with a man. They didn’t want me to pursue a career in Nollywood.”

In a related development, Tracy Edwin also revealed that she has never been sexually harassed by any of her colleagues in Nollywood.

“I never fell victim because I wasn’t desperate. Even when they called me for jobs then, I wasn’t always available. When I started acting in 2019, I used to be a very sexy small girl; I had all the features producers needed but I didn’t take Nollywood serious. I had people around me who were assisting me get all things right. Because of family and relationship with my boyfriend, I left the industry. I tried to cope for six years without acting, it was impossible, so I returned,” she stated.

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