Should Val prioritize time for Bobrisky?

By Val. Obienyem

I was dismayed to learn of Bobrisky being crowned as the best dressed female. While I do not fault Bobrisky for receiving the award, I question the organizers. Did they not establish criteria for participation? And if so, did it permit a man to participate in a women’s event?

I have previously stated that the police should ideally arrest Bobrisky and prosecute him. He should be sent to prison.

Furthermore, I propose that whenever Bobrisky is encountered, the public should expose him, strip him naked, and display his manhood(?) for all to see.

When society is determined, no problem is insurmountable. Even when an epidemic of suicide afflicted the women of Miletus, it was halted by the decree that women who took their own lives would be paraded naked through the city centre, thus halting the madness. Why do we pretend as if individuals like Bobrisky should be allowed the freedom to undermine societal morality?

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