Hardship: Sir Emeka Offor Foundation shares palliatives to Anambra correctional centers

In continuation of his distribution of palliatives in Anambra State to alleviate economic hardship of the less privileged, Sir Emeka Offor Foundation Friday distributed food items to all correctional centers in the State.

Items distributed were 400 bags of 25kg rice; 1,000 cartons of Indomie brand of noddles and 50 cartons of Izal disinfectant handed over to the Comptroller in charge of the correctional centers in Anambra State Command, Mr Osifo Joseph.

A breakdown of the shares to the beneficiaries was 411 cartons of noddles, 165 bags of rice and 20 cartons of Izal to Onitsha correctional center; 256 cartons of noddles, 102 bags of rice and 13 cartons of Izal to Awka correctional center.

Others are 205 cartons of noddles, 82 bags of rice and 10 cartons of Izal to Nnewi; 77 cartons of noddles, 31 bags of rice and 4 cartons of Izal to Aguata while the headquarters of the correctional centers received 51 cartons of noddles, 20 bags of rice and 3 cartons of Izal, according to the figures presented to journalists during the distribution.

Speaking at Ijele radio station where the distribution was made, the Chief of Staff of Sir Emeka Offor, AIG (Rtd), Mr Chris Ezike said it was a sign of concern and sign of remembering as well as sharing with people who are challenged, adding that people who were incarcerated were also challenged.

He recalled that Sir Emeka Offor Foundation had last week while celebrating the founder’s 65th birthday distributed 40,000 bags of rice to indigents and vulnerable in society especially widows in 179 communities in Anambra State.

“Sir Emeka Offor didn’t stop at that, he has looked around and directed his attention to where the delinquents are warehoused. If you have people who have committed offences, they go through the legal system, go through the administrative justice system and you either remand them or jail them.

“You send them to what we now know as correctional center where they are supposed to be reformed and come out better citizens.

“It has pleased the foundation, it has pleased Sir Emeka Offor to also extend magnanimity, uncommon generosity to the correctional services in Anambra State, “he said.

Sir Offor in a short speech said the foundation decided to look at the direction of the correctional centers for the first time to give them sense of belonging.

“The best we can do is to support them materially. This is a new beginning, a new chapter. We have not been extending our hands of fellowship to the correctional centers. We will now make it a yearly something and each time we celebrate our birthday, we will always remember them, “he said.

Mr Joseph while receiving the items for the correctional centers prayed for Sir Offor, asking God to give him long life and bless him the more

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