Health Alert

Empty bottles of water and cans used by patients in hospitals are being packed by the cleaners while they clean the environment.

In the course of discarding the empty bottles of water and cans from a discharged patient, an attendant discovered that one of the kegs had saliva inside, meaning the patient was salivating into one of the bottles.This patient had tuberculosis(TB).

This also is applicable to other hospitals around the country. Some patients even urinate inside the containers.These patients may have HIV, Hepatitis and other infectious diseases.

Now what is worrisome is, the women who pack these empty bottles of water and cans do sell them to people who make Zobo, Tiger nut drinks, Kunu, among other consumable items. Victims buy and consume it unaware of the sources of the containers.

A consumer buys N50 or probably N100 worth of drink with his or her own money and ends up having a life threatening disease or even an ailment that could take his or her life if not well treated, out of carelessness.
The cycle keeps going. Let’s be guided.
Even bottled groundnut is not exempted.
Please let’s be very careful with these kind of things. You mean a lot to your loved ones. Don’t fall a victim.

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