Who’s Prof Okey Ikechukwu?

As indicated in the project brochure and flyers, Prof. Okey Ikechukwu, mni, is set to be the lead presenter for the 2023 UNESCO World Philosophy Day event.

Born in 1962 in Umuahia, Abia State, our lecturer holds the distinguished position of Professor of Strategic Management and Human Capital Development. He is also a visiting Professor of Social and Management Sciences. Notably, this is despite obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree and a straight Ph.D. in philosophy, including Metaphysics, without an intermediate Master’s Degree. Prof. Ikechukwu demonstrates an impressive mastery across diverse subjects, fields and disciplines.

Besides having taught philosophy in the University of Lagos before going into the media and government, he handles Strategic Management in the Nigerian Army Resource Centre, has taught Cyber Security and cloud computing at the specialized military/security university, known as the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA). The prof. is an internationally Certified Management Consultant, sought-after expert in Strategic Management, a leadership and governance consultant, media and public communications professional, and a policy and strategy expert.

His organization – Development Specs Academy – offers specialized courses in Management, personality and character development, media and public communication, leadership, conflict management, critical thinking, emotional and cultural intelligence, parenting and mentoring, public speaking, and youth development.

Prof. Ikechukwu’s expertise in human capital development is widely sought after by leading organizations and institutions within and outside Nigeria. Despite his significant impact, he remains humble about his accomplishments.

His intellect is unparalleled in Nigeria, earning him the title of a polymath from those who know him closely. His lectures seamlessly cover philosophy, jurisprudence, leadership, everyday science, nuclear and quantum physics, leaving both academics and former students in awe. In a nation where scholarship is losing fervor, Prof. Ikechukwu stands out with his commitment to knowledge and understanding of day-to-day issues, leadership, and governance.

The accomplished columnist left an indelible mark on the field. Dr. Rueben Abati publicly shared the fact that at “The Guardian” newspaper, the editorial board heavily relied on Prof Ikechukwu for editorials on sciences during his membership of the Board. Furthermore, his editorial expertise played a crucial role in the founding of “The Comet,” a newspaper that later evolved into “The Nation,” where he served as the founding Chairman of its Editorial Board.

Professor Ikechukwu’s academic contributions are beyond doubt. Presently, he actively contributes insightful writings as a member of the Editorial Board at “Thisday” Newspaper. With over 3000 published journal and newspaper articles across diverse media platforms, his intellectual prowess is evident and commendable.

Readers enamored of good writing and intelligent analysis appreciate his skillful use of words, often likening him to a sculptor, painter, and musician in the art of crafting narratives. His works, often referred to as ‘Treasures of the Soul,’ not only exhibit depth but also hold a magnetic appeal.

Beyond academia, his extensive experience in government and management positions stands him out as a dependable expert for insightful analyses on electronic media. Last week, he made appearances on Arise TV and AIT, addressing pressing national issues and effectively bridging the gap between metaphysical concepts and practical societal concerns, making complex ideas easily relatable.

His impressive resume includes roles as the Special Assistant to former Federal Ministers of Transport, Presidential Special Advisor on Legal and Constitutional Matters, and the Federal Minister of Information and National Orientation. Furthermore, he served as a Consultant to the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and consulted for international organizations such as ECOWAS, DFID, and WHO. His contributions extended to being the Head of Communication in the Federal Ministry of Education and the Director General of the International Institute of Leadership and Governance.

His leadership roles were not confined to national borders; he served as the Head of the Nigerian Delegation to the 2004 New York Film Festival and the 2004 Sithengi Film Festival in South Africa. Additionally, he chaired significant committees, including the Visitation Panel to the National Institute for Public Information (NIPI) in Kaduna, the reforms committee of the Federal Ministry of Information and National Orientation, and the organizing committee of the first Nigerian Movie Industry Stakeholders Consultative Conference (MOVISTAC). These roles add to his impressive list of national engagements.

If you happen to encounter him on the road, exercise caution and avoid challenging him under any circumstance. His role as a patron of the Nigerian Karate Association (NKA), chairman of the Board of the FCT branch of NK, and membership in the National Governing Council of the NKA is not coincidental. This is because he holds a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and a Brown Belt in Wing Chung Kung Fu.

As we sit here today, eagerly awaiting his insights, let me tell you that the man we are about to listen to is the brain behind the current Ten-year Policy and Strategic Plan for the academic branch of the Nigerian Defense Academy. Allow me the privilege of introducing him with the assurance that the audience will receive a substantial dose of his many-sided insights and wisdom.

Citation was written by Val. Obienyem.

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