Naira depreciation: USD supply drops by 42% at forex market despite Binance exit

The supply of US dollars at the foreign exchange market plunged by 42 per cent to 168.98 on Wednesday, days after Binance announced the existence of the Nigerian exchange market, DAILY POST reports.

FMDQ data showed that the turnover of USD plunged on Wednesday to $168.98 at the close of work from $291.74 on Tuesday.

The figure represents a $122.76 reduction in USD supply compared to $291.74 on Tuesday.

The development had led to a consecutive drop in Naira at the official forex market to 1,605.74 per USD on Wednesday and N1,602.43 the previous day.

Recall that on Monday, Binance informed users that any remaining NGN balances would be automatically converted to Tether, USDT stablecoin after March 8 amid a regulatory clampdown by the Nigerian Government.

The Nigerian Government had blamed Binance for the continued forex crisis in the country.

However, despite the regulatory move against Binance and other cryptocurrency platforms, Africa’s populous country’s FX crisis has yet to be resolved.

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