My life, happiness don’t depend on any man –Bukola Kiitan, actress

Brilliant writer, producer and actress, Oloruntimilehin Abosede Bukola popularly known in the movie industry as Kiitan, came into the limelight in 2010 when she featured in Surface.

The producer per excellence, who has produced several movies like Ola Tomorrow, Right Time, Iwalade and Iku Ile, is at it again with a cinema worthy movie, Angel’s Eyes.Ezoic

In this interview, Kiitan opens up on her career, life and recent downs amongst other issues. Here are excerpts:

Since your engagement break up, you have been calm and looking stress free, what’s the secret behind this?Ezoic

Serving God is my secret. Peace of mind is my major priority. I believe what will be will be. I just want to be happy always. That’s it. 

Is there any man in your life that is giving you the best life you deserve or you are just making yourself happy? 

It’s all about me, myself and I. My life and happiness do not depend on any man. I chose happiness over all things and it’s been working for me.Ezoic

How were you able to snap out of the trauma of your building demolition that happened recently? 

I have been through worse scenarios in my life. Always expect the unexpected. Truly, prayer is the key, and good heart, when you do good, it will surely come back to you in a way you don’t expect. It wasn’t an easy thing as it looks but God came through for me.

Okay, let’s talk about your new movie, Angel’s Eyes. What is it about and when is it hitting the cinema? 

My movie, Angel’s Eyes is about love, crime and betrayal. It’s a fantastic movie. It will hit the cinema on February 2, 2024 by God’s grace. I will urge you all to keep your fingers crossed and wait for a mind-blowing movie of its time. Ezoic

What were the major challenges you encountered while shooting the movie?

I like to challenge myself to better me. So, everything that happened that looked like a challenge was normal to me, because I know nothing good comes easy.

Is Kiitan open to marriage now?

Of course, yes, but with the right man at the right time. Every queen deserves a king. So, I await the real king of my heart.

What’s your major turn off in men?

My major turns off in men are body odour, assumptions, over thinking and lying. These are serious red flags for me any day. Ezoic

What also turns you on in a man?

Understanding, playfulness, sense of humour, prayerfulness and good smell. Who doesn’t like good things?

Who were the cast and crewmembers used in bringing Angel’s Eyes into reality?

They are Prince Jide Kosoko, Tina Mba, Ninalowo Bolanle, Jude Chukwuka, Dele Odule, Black Camaru, Joseph Momodu, Lolade Okusanya, Ngozi Nwosu and many more. It’s directed by Yemi Amodu. These people are basically amazing, and working with them is a lifetime achievement.

The year is still very young and I can see you are starting it on a good note with this your new baby, Angel’s Eyes. Should we look forward to more movies this year?

I pray to God to guide and support me. I want to do more by His grace because things that go into production aren’t that easy to come by.

Why do you like private life when you are into public business?

Acting is a career, not my reality. I am a private person and I enjoy that a lot. Sincerely, it’s the best because you keep them guessing all the time.

Do you have any regret since you joined the movie industry?

I have no regrets. It’s just that I have no privacy like I always wanted.

How best do you deal with trolls on social media?

Not everyone will like you; understand that and you will be at peace. It might initially be annoying, but once you make up your mind on it, then you won’t be bothered when you come across them.

Is your body 100 percent organic or you enhanced some parts?

My body is organic. I have never done any surgery in my life. And I don’t have plans to do so, but if after (child) birth it’s necessary, I might.

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