God has signed, stamped Biafra sovereignty state in spiritual realm, says Bishop Udeh

Fiery cleric, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh has disclosed that he saw God signing and stamping  the existence of sovereign state of Biafra in the spiritual realm as a result of continued detention and incarceration of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB), Nnamdi Kanu.

He said he saw the mighty hand of God signing and stamping the Biafran sovereignty state in the spiritual realm shortly after he concluded his annual 40 days and 40 nights of fasting and prayer session which he started in 2017 when the Nigerian military launched the dramatic operations python dance that claimed many lives of Ndigbo.

Bishop Udeh, General Overseer of Mount Zion Global  Liberation Ministries Incorporated (a.k.a By-Fire-By-Fire) made this revelation at his Cathedral Church, Nnewii, Anambra state, while briefing newsmen ahead of last Friday’s Supreme court judgement in the federal government’s appeal against Appeal Court judgement which discharged and acquitted Kanu of all the charges brought against him by the federal government.

He declared: “I am very happy that the Biafran sovereignty state has at last  been signed and stamped by the Almighty I AM in the spiritual realm waiting for manifestation.

” Instead  of continuing to shed blood in the name of agitation or fighting agitation, let there be referendum to kick-start the sovereign state of Biafra because the quantum of blood already shed  from 1945 till date in search of silencing agitation by the Nigerian government is so enormous that there is a need to conduct a referendum and end the agitation.

“In my 40 days and 40 nights of fasting an prayers, I saw anger of God pouring on Britain and other super power nations working with Britain  to suppress Biafran sovereignty. I see the Jihadists conquering Britain and taking over the the mantle of leadership as a punishment for siding the Jihadists in Nigeria. I see the punishment of God against Britain for maltreating and suppressing the people they colonized. All the people they colonized are secretly being milked and sulked dry by British.

“America will soon be brought down because of the way they are working with Britain. So, America should be very careful because there is a small person down the valley pushing to bring down America. Even Vladma Putin of Russia should be careful not to be eaten up by a magot because of his conquest style of leadership.

“In the spiritual realm, I see China, Iran and Russia coming together to pull down America. So, America should be very careful. I see the Caliphate, backed by the Yoruba to finish Igbo people but they can never succeed because God is by the side of Ndigbo. If God had not been on the side of Igbo, these Caliphates would have finished them long time ago.

“It is better for President Bola Tinubu to resign and hand over power to the winner of last presidential election. The more he stays on that seat, the more Nigeria will continue to go down economically and politically, while injustice will continue to reign supreme as a result of lack of rule of law.

Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra state should be very careful because I see the All Progressives Congress (APC) raising flags to the Agu-Awka Government House. He should stick to his campaign promises to ensure he qualifies for a second tenure else he will fail to secure a second tenure. He should also be very careful not to allow the ongoing  conspiracy from the APC to prevent him from going for a second tenure.”

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