Tinubu shows confidence in fighting insecurity in Nigeria

President Bola Tinubu has declared that his administration will not rest until those he referred to as “agent of darkness”, causing insecurity in the nation are completely eliminated.

According to Daily Sun, the President made the vow at the official unveiling of the book “Working with Buhari, Reflections of a Special Adviser, Media and Publicity (2015-2023)” by Femi Adesina and Muhammadu Buhari: The Nigerian Legacy 2015-2023 (I-V), edited by Udu Yakubu, at the Congress Hall of Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.Ezoic

He recalled that the former President took over the saddle of government at a time terrorists group, Boko Haram had taken over the entire northeastern region and insecurity ravaged the nation.

He said: “You assumed office at a very difficult time in our nation’s life. The economy was going into recession. Boko Haram had taken over so many local governments and some parts of our country. It is easy to forget that the United Nations building was attacked here in Abuja.Ezoic

“It’s easy to forget the role of armed forces. But if the book is carefully read and taught in terms of substance in our various schools, the job of securing every inch of our nation may not be completed but you did a wonderful job. And we will not rest I promise you until every agent of darkness is completely eliminated. Is a sovereign country.”

Tinubu who said he now realised that governance is not a walk in the park, thanked the organisers the book launch for providing him with the opportunity and the ambience to reunite with his predecessor Buhari whom he has not seen since the left office on May 29 2023.

He particularly commended Buhari, whom he described as a man of integrity for not intruding in his administration nor breathing down his neck to nominate persons for his cabinet.Ezoic

He said: “After handing over, you said I will be far away in Daura but if you need me, contact me. But I won’t intrude in whatever you are doing. I won’t interfere or breath down your throat.

“We’ve partnered to make democracy flourish in Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari, thank you. Except when I call you to say how are you living? Are you in the farm? We don’t hear from you either to nominate or intrude in the cabinet or complain about anything. Thank you for being who you are.

“When you left the office, you left many battles and a bunch of tasks for me for continuity. And I’ve told people I inherited the asset and liability of my predecessor no matter what you say.

“We always joke sometimes, and you say you can never please Nigerians but yours is to focus, work hard and satisfy your conscience. You have done that. It is reflected.Ezoic

“You served our country with dedication and uncommon zeal. I was talking to somebody last night that I will be at this book launch and he said oh, I remember you sold us Buhari. And I said, stop where you are, I’m not talking to you about a disclaimer. I’m talking to you about a programme that I really appreciated and will continue to appreciate.

“Being here face to face with you is a great documentation of history, candor, integrity and character.

“The author of the books might have done their best but what Nigeria will gain from the book is what history must do and that history is in the book. And I’m glad history has been reintroduced and it is part of the curriculum in various schools and it will be emphasised. I promise you”, he said.

President Tinubu commended his predecessor for reiterating his commitment to support his administration as well as the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC), demonstrating that he is a true democrat.Ezoic

He said: “I’m glad to listen to you making a commitment to my administration for support and as real politician and democratic that you are, you are still dedicated and committed to our party. The largest party in Africa.”

The President said he will continue to emulate Buhari’s style of non-interference, staying on course in building the nation.

Tinubu said: “Well, I’ve emulated you, one of those things is non interference, being a democrat, responsibility for nation building, staying on course, I am determined to do just that. Because I campaigned for this job. And you told me in our discussions it’s not easy. But I went out there dancing for it, making promises, doing Kokomo, doing all collabos, making music so I cannot complain. We will be there.

“In addition to going through the Niger bridge and other places, many would not realize the interconnectivity necessary for economic growth in our rail project, in our port project, how vital it is to the economic growth of this nation. You are a silent worker, a man who is very, very organized and disciplined individual. President Muhammadu Buhari thank you.”Ezoic

President Tinubu said Buhari should be a civic subject matter studied in both secondary schools and universities.

He said: “To many of you, I thank you for coming to this event. It‘s been a wonderful time for our nation. Very wonderful indeed. We are facing the roller coaster. Same battle too. We removed subsidy, we stopped those people fleecing Nigerians. Yes, I know they will complain. It is same thing all over. The lesson is learnt from you. But the milk of kindness for a nation development and prosperity is not fermented from you, it is learnt.

“How much I cherish the editions of these book is by promoting it as a subject matter in the history classrooms of our universities and secondary schools. Then accorded to you, a civic subject matter of our nation. I wish you a very successful retirement life but not tired like a prosperous one. I know you won’t take a penny from the book launch proceeds but continue to be part of the pillar for our future development.”

In his remark Buhari, said he was aware that he might have to provide an account of his stewardship, hence he kept records of everything carried out during his administration.Ezoic

While noting the efforts of the authors of the books to document his administration’s achievements, Buhari stated: “Without documentation, revisionism wins. Human beings often have short memories, and unless events are recorded in cold print, some people would come and attempt to either distort, or even obliterate recent history.

“But the fact in our favour is that nothing was done under the veil of secrecy. We were as transparent and accountable as possible, being aware of the fact that posterity was the ultimate judge.

“We kept records of our stewardship, knowing that we would always be required to account for the trust entrusted to us. This event today is part of accounting for our two terms in office, and I thank those who have laboured day and night, to ensure that this history is recorded for now and the future.

“Government is a continuum. It is like a relay race. You run your course, and hand over the baton to the next person. This we have done, and the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration has my support and confidence, in the quest for us to have a country of our dreams, where there is emancipation for our teeming population.Ezoic

“With the cumulative achievements of government after government, I believe we will get there in no distant time.

“In our journey to the desired destination, there will be hard decisions taken, and the people would bear some costs. We can only seek their understanding, and state that there was no intention to deliberately inflict pain and anguish on anyone.

“This is why I apologized to such people at the end of our time in

office. Sacrifices are still being made now, and will continue to be part of our national life and development. Governments will continually seek the understanding and support of the people they lead, for our ultimate good and goal.

“Let revisionists not rejoice that they have the ultimate say in the bid to distort history. Facts and records will ultimately prove them wrong. When some people engage in deliberate falsehood and distortion of facts that pertain to our tenure in office, I take solace in the fact that records are there, and will remain inviolable.”

Adesina has opened up on how he emerged as the Special Adviser On Media and Publicity to ex-president Muhammadu Buhari, describing the feat as a “demonstration of God’s grace upon my life”.

Adesina, in his remarks, attributed his appointed as media aide to Buhari to God’s grace.

“To me, I have always told people that working with President Muhammadu Buhari is a demonstration of God’s grace in my life.

“From nowhere, without lifting a finger to push it, I was invited to assume the position of a Special Adviser on Media and Publicity. It was a former Ekiti State governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi – he is in the audience – who told me how it happened.

“He said after President Buhari had emerged, they took three names to him as possible Special Adviser on Media and Publicity. He looked at the three names, brought his name from his breast pocket, circled my name, and signed in front of it. That was how it happened.”Ezoic

Chairman of the Occasion,

Former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon (retd), noted that there was lacuna of success in security, finances and economics under Buhari but saluted his courage in his foray into politics and governance.

He particularly hailed the transition without rancour between President Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari, describing it as exemplary. “Is a good example Nigerians and politicians should emulate”, he said.

According to him, the smooth transition from Buhari to Tinubu also disappointed predications that things will not go as planned.Ezoic

Co-Chairman of the occasion,

Gen. Ibrahim Haruna, noted that leadership in a democracy is not easy, describing Buhari as a military icon.

He charged those in authority to do their best with in ruling our country. While wishing President Tinubu luck in his administration, said Buhari can never escaped people’s contradiction about him even though he is a good manEzoic

Shola Oshunkeye reviewed the “Working with Buhari, Reflections of a Special Adviser, Media and Publicity (2025-2023)”, while Eghosa Osaghae and Kabiru Mato reviewed Muhammadu Buhari: The Nigerian Legacy 2015-2023 (I-V), edited by Udu Yakubu.

Former Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo commended Adesina for writing the book, especially for capturing his humorous side.

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