Give Nigerians new lease of life not old national anthem-Obi

As President Bola Tinubu’s administration directed Nigerians on May 29 to go back to the Old National Anthem as part of the activities to mark his one year in office, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party in 2023 general election, Mr Peter Obi has reminded the Federal Government that Nigeria’s problem is not National Anthem.

Mr Obi rather insisted that a new lease of life is what Nigerians are asking for instead.

“Let someone help tell Nigerian Senate that we don’t need Old Nigeria National Anthem. What we need now is Old pump fuel price, Old bag of rice price, and food stuff price, Old cement and building materials price, Old school fees at all levels, good salary for workers, good roads, good health system, good hospital, and so on. They are what Nigerians need now and not Old Anthem, that will not contribute anything to the life of Nigerians, who are suffering today. Is the anthem our problem?

I sang the old anthem in primary school, and I was in Primary 2 when it was changed. I have nostalgic feelings about it. Given the pettiness of politics in this clime, I hope the reversal is not an attempt to erase Obasanjo’s legacies, which is an impossible feat to achieve.

Old-new national anthem, a minor, suggested correction: Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria calls all to be Obedient. “

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