Erosion threatens to sack thousands of Anambra community market traders, as lawmaker promises to rescue

The Anambra state House of Assembly member, Hon. Chukwunonso Igwe has visited Ogbaru main market, near Onitsha, Anambra state where he inspected damaged Sakamori drainage system in the area which is yawning to sack the traders.

During the visit, the lawmaker representing Ogbaru 1 constituency equally commissioned market party office convenience built by the President-General of the market.

Prior to the inspection and commissioning of the facility, Hon. Igwe reminded the traders that Okpoko community was neglected by successive Governors in the state until Soludo came to their rescue.

He cited good road network, general hospital, free antenatal services, provision of potable water, free education, among others as part of what Governor Soludo had attracted to Okpoko community and Anambra state in general.

He also disclosed that Professor Soludo brought transformation in Okpoko which, according to him, changed Okpoko to liveable community, even as he urged the traders to endeavour to reciprocate  Soludo’s gesture by voting for him for the second tenure.

He said: “Actually, I was in the PDP before but because of Soludo’s developmental strides I decided to join APGA. Therefore, let us join hands and work for the victory of Soludo. Soludo is an achiever who deserves a second tenure. So, whatever you people need, tell me through your Chairman so that if it is the one I can do, I will do it. But, if it is one I cannot do then, I will tell the Governor.” 

Hon Igwe in a special way lauded the market Chairman, Chief Ndubuisi Ochiogu for what he described as his wonderful work in the market. He called him a performing market leader and also appealed to the traders who were worried about the increment of market revenue to accept it in good faith, adding that they were paying less than what traders in other states were paying.  

He pledged to bring the notice of the damaged Sakamori to the Governor, Commissioner for Environment and other relevant authorities so that they could assist in fixing it.

In his appreciation speech, President General of the market, Chief Ochiogu explained that his motivate of inviting Hon Igwe was to help him to appeal to the Governor and other critical stakeholders to fix the damaged Sakamori for the market.

He urged the traders to forget the issue of revenue fees since government had concluded it and now focused on how it would assist them in fixing the damaged Sakamori which  could cause flood to engulf the entire market.

Chief Ochiogu revealed that Anambra state House of Assembly had written a letter to all markets in the state to provide functioning borehole, fire extinguisher, decongest roads inside the market as well as install CCTV cameras, He informed them that he had done between 80% and 90% of the demands.

“So, we have promised government that we will provide the general CCTV cameras. Soludo is doing well. There is no need panicking about his victory. I have already started campaigning for him since last year and that is why you see symbols of APGA at all nooks and crannies of the market, “he concluded. 

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