Community leaders, group worry over erosion of Igbo culture, tradition, organize training conference

Members of Oraifite Palace Council otherwise called Ndichie with Prince Çhinedu Nsoffor as Chairman have been exposed to a training conference where Ejirimara Ndi Bu Igbo Cultural Association presented talks on dwindling Igbo customs and tradition.

The event which took place at the palace of Igwe Dr Daniel Udoji, Obi Oraifite III, yesterday, was jointly attended by Igwe Kenneth Orizu III, Igwe Nnewi cabinet members who represented the Nnewi monarch on invitation.

Igwe Udoji and his cabinet members played host to the training conference.

In his paper presentation, Prince Nsoffor said that the constitution of the Oraifite Palace Council was a binding regulation to all Ndichie.

He noted that it was a document each Ichie must have a copy of and regularly study as to know what are in it as to follow it accordingly.

Prince Nsoffor named integrity; commitment; honesty; incorruptibility and endurance as the motto to serve the people of Oraifite with respect and love in accordance with the full intentions and meaning of Ichie.

He said these qualities should form the character of an Ichie both in private and public life as Ichie, he explained, is a highly revered concept in Igbo culture.

He disclosed that the aims of Oraifite Palace Council were clearly spelt out in the constitution of the council which included to bring about unity, peace and development of Oraifite.

In collaborating with Oraifite improvement union and others, he disclosed that the community is one among few communities in Igboland privileged to have pure premogenital monarchical inheritance.

“We have worked very hard to bringing proper separation of powers between the royal monarchy and the town union. The Royalty is mainly for cultural heritage of Oraifite ancient kingdom, while all political, security, and major economic matters go to the town union. This separation is very important to ensure harmony and peace in the community at all times, “the Prince said.

Addressing the gathering, founder of Ejirimara Ndi Bu Igbo Cultural Association, Mazi Tony Anyanwuakpaoke lamented the erosion of Igbo cultural identity.

He said there was an urgent need to salvage Igbo customs and tradition before they go into extinction.

“I’m still young but Ndi Ichie gave me an assignment. Ndigbo are fearless and you can’t play with Igbo intelligence. But some of us are not representing the Igbo nation well. If I die today, I will join my ancestors.

“What the Igbo are known for are no longer given any attention. We have to encourage our cultural heritage. Our language is going into extinction. Today an Igbo man cannot talk to his fellow Igbo man in a flowing native language without an admixture of English to show that he or she understands the foreign language. What for?

“But if you check on other tribes, it is not so. We should be ashamed of that. Western culture has dominated our own culture which we are supposed to defend. A lot of Igbo elders have gone astray and no longer teach the younger ones their cultural background. This is too bad. We need to go back to our roots to revive what belongs to us even before the arrival of yhe colonial masters, “he said.

Mazi Anyanwuakpaoke later introduced an Igbo calender that showcased Igbo days, weeks, yearly activities and all the ceremonies in Igboland.

The Chairman of Igwe-Nnewi-Council, Chief Dan Ulasi who led the delegation of Igwe Nnewi cabinet to the training conference said that Oraifite and Nnewi had the same culture and tradition as people who shared the same progenitors.

He regretted that the new generation did not know their grandfathers and great-grandfathers as they never asked questions and had no time to talk about that.

He told the Ichies at the conference that those who were to be Nid Ichies were the ancestors not the living.

He urged the cabinet members to always be disciplined to help their Igwe in his rulership. He also advised them not to play with their customs and tradition as he emphasized the need for unity of purpose among the Chiefs.

“We are of the same father and mother and we should have unity of purpose.

“There is need for Nnewi and Oraifite to begin to have joint meetings occasionally. With that the two communities would achieve a lot, “he said.

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