Catholic priest says christian religion, culture go hand in hand, as native doctor explains why he accepts Jesus

L-R: Fr Aghaulor, Chief Okwummuo and wife

The Vicar Ozubulu Region of the Catholic Diocese, Nnewi, Anambra State, Very Rev Fr Hygi Aghulor on Sunday explained why Christianity is inseparable from culture of the land, as a native doctor, Chief Emeka Okwummuo appeared at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu for Thanksgiving after getting a miraculous healing from a life threatening sickness.

The special church service which attracted many parishioners among the locals had Very Rev Fr Patrick Unegbu and Very Rev Fr Aghaulor who is the Parish priest of St Michael’s Catholic Church officiating.

In his homily, Fr Aghaulor revisited the Ten Commandments in the Scripture and explained to the parishioners why the Commandments should be obeyed to the letter. He admonished them to worship God in truth and faithfulness.

The priest later presented new converts to be baptized.

Chief Okwummuo, who is popular for his herbal practice said, in his testimony, that he suddenly had a health challenge that almost paralyzed him. He said his recovery was not quick despite all efforts, as his health continued to deteriorate.

Traditional music drummers

He disclosed that he was left in the hospital with an ambulance without hope and was actually waiting for whatever that could happen to him next, though his wife and priests were praying for him, according to him.

Chief Okwummuo said he had abandoned all fetish practices to embrace God but could only offer herbal solution to those afflicted without any form of fetish mix. He said he abandoned the fetish aspect of his practice having realized that there is no power in darkness.

“It was in the course of the prayers that the Almighty God healed me when all hopes of my recovery were almost lost. My experience made me know and appreciate the supremacy of the Most High God in the affairs of man,” Chief Okwummuo said. 

He explained that he was actually in Church on Sunday to testify the goodness of God in his life.

Commenting, Very Rev Fr Aghulor disclosed that Chief Okwummuo was a notable personality in Ozubulu and environs.

Fr Aghulor said that the celebrant later knew and recognized the supremacy of God above powers of darkness.

“He refused to consult diviners and never allowed anybody to go on his behalf. He was seriously sick at that point in time but God healed him, he was almost paralyzed, but can now walk and even drive his car.

“Jesus Christ came to identify with humanbeings, Catholic Church has no culture of her own, the church recognize and identify with the culture of host communities once such cultural practices are not bad and harmful.

“We have been told not to make the church in Africa look like the ones at Europe. The people can actually take good aspect of our cultural practices, a scholar is currently doing a research on bitter leaf which is said to contain a whole lot of healing substances.

“This is the same leaf God has blessed us with in good quantities in Nigeria especially in Igboland.

Very Rev Fr Aghulor uged young men and women who are into occultism to step out and embrace Christianity, noting that there is whole lot of difference between the culture of a people and occultism.

“We should live to testify the goodness of God and obey his Commandments. Native doctors deceive those who patronize them. You heard about a native doctor in one Anambra community whose power of darkness could not save when he was kidnapped. After paying the ransom and was released, he went to church for Thanksgiving. That is recognition of the supremacy of the Most High God, “Fr Aghaulor said.

Highlights of the event were masquerade display, songs from the choir and traditional music.

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