Oba Igweship contest: Njibigbo seeks community support, pledges effective leadership

Ambassador Njibigbo (JP)

By Polycarp Ifeanyi, Onitsha

As the election of Ezeokpoko 11 of Oba in Idemili South local government area of Anambra State gathers momentum, one of the contestants, Ambassador Sir Godwin Njibigbo (JP) has appealed to Oba community to support him.

Recall that the Ezeokpoko 1 of Oba, Igwe P. C. Ezenwa joined his ancestors (did his last ofala) a couple of years ago and Oba community wants to elect another Ezeokpoko to replace him.

However, Ambassador Njibigbo who is Lagos-based businessman and holds the chieftaincy title of Ezeigbo, Ezediorama and leader of Ndigbo dwelling in Mainland and Yaba local government areas of Lagos State has assured Oba community that he would usher in effective leadership, if they elected him as the next Ezeokpoko of Oba.

The automative products merchant while making the appeal to Oba community in his Oba residence disclosed that Aborji quarters in Oba has conducted primary election and he successfully emerged winner as a candidate who would contest for the position of Ezeokpoko 11.

” For me, as a person, I don’t see the contest as a challenge. What I am saying is that by the grace of God, I will perform well if I am elected. Whatever the Ezeokpoko 1 did not achieved or done well, I will make sure that all of them should be done well, “he said.

He further asserted that he has the capacity and all it takes to be enthroned as the Ezeokpoko 11 of Oba, adding: “I am Ezeigbo, Ezediorama at Mainland local government and Yaba. I am also the leader of Ndigbo living in the area, all of them are under my control. So, as for Oba kingship, it would be handled the way it is supposed to be done. Since I am able to be the Chairman of Ndigbo, why can’t I perform well as Igwe of Oba, “he asked.

He further assured that as an indigene of Oba, if elected, that he would provide adequate security for Oba community, assuring that his age would not be a barrier since he was able to lead Ndigbo living in Yaba. He made a promise that he could replicate the same leadership quality in his Oba community.

Commenting, the Chairman of Aborji, Nze Dozie Nweke affirmed that Aborji Akanano had conducted a primary election and selected Ambassador Njibigbo as a person to contest for Ezeokpoko 11 of Oba.

He explained that Chief Sunday Aguefo, Amb. Njibigbo and Nze Lawrence Muonwe applied for the primary election but along the line, Sir Muonwe  who is based in United States of America tendered withdrawal letter remaining Amb. Njibigbo and Chief Aguefo who were screened based on sixteen points criteria that qualified one to contest for Ezeokpoko of Oba. 

He further noted that the two candidates were on May 22, 2024 voted for according to the law of Aborji and Amb. Njibigbo emerged winner even as he said that the deadline for the primary election would be on May 28,2024 and those who could not meet up with the primary election, would be creating an opportunity for the contestant who met up to go unopposed.

“What I am saying as the Chairman of Aborji  is that since Amb. Njibigbo has won the primary election conducted by Aborji Akanano, let him also emerge unopposed during the general election of Ezeokpoko 11 of Oba. So, what I am also telling the Oba indigenes is that anything concerning Igweship should not be do-or-die affair because God is the one who ordains King . Among all the contestants of Ezeokpoko 11, Amb. Njibigbo is the best and he is King David of our time. He is already anointed the Ezeokpoko 11 of Oba, ” Nze Nweke said.  

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