Uwazuruike accuses S/East Govs, Senators, others of politicizing Nnamdi Kanu’s release

By Chris Mocha

MASSOB founder and leader of Biafra Independence Movement (MASSOB-BIM), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike , yesterday, in a viral video faulted the way Governors and  Senators from the South East region are  politicizing Kanu’s  release.

A release from MASSOB-BIM Director of Information, Mazi Chris Mocha, Saturday, said Chief Uwazuruike  who fired at the politicians  said that even  Bola Ahmed  Tinubu as a President did not have the absolute power to order Kanu’s immediate release without seeking  the advice of the National Security Adviser (NSA).

According to Mocha, Uwazuruike said, it was not the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) who he said is a  government lawyer  or  the President  who as the Commander -in -Chief  of the Armed Forces was holding Kanu. Uwazuruike disclosed that it was the Security Chiefs that were holding Kanu.

The MASSOB-BIN leader explained that instead of meeting with the Service Chiefs including the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Chief  of Naval Staff,  Chief of Air  Staff and Chief of  Defence  Staff (CDS), the South East leaders including Governors and lawmakers were approaching the issue from the wrong side. 

He advised that they should meet with the NSA and convince him with a security report on why Kanu should be freed, insisting that once this is done, the IPOB leader would certainly be released the next day.

He said that rather than meeting with the NSA who usually  advises  the  President based on available security report from the South East, the Governors and Senators were busy hobnobbing in Abuja taking photographs and claiming to be working for  Kanu’s possible  release without following the proper procedures.

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