Synod: We’ve articulated bundle of selfish, wicked, insensitive, conscienceless politicians masquerading as leaders of Nigeria- Bishop Ikeakor

The sixth synod of the Diocese, Amichi Anglican Communion with the theme: “Idolatry: Causes, Consequences, And Cure” drawn from Exodus chapter 32 has come and gone, but the message, enlightenment and morals dished out during the programme remain indelible in the minds of the parishioners and all those that participated in the 3-day event at Immanuel Anglican Church, Ekwulumili, Nnewi South Local Government of Anambra State.

Bishop of the Diocese, His Lordship, Rt Revd Ephraim Ikeakor during the synod comprehensively presented a success story of the Diocese in every department and still spared time for state of the nation where he ex-rayed and dissected Nigeria as a nation and Anambra his home state.

His Lordship described Nigeria as one of the countries in the world that God blessed with so much human and material resources.

He regretted, however, that the greatest problem of the Nigerian nation is leadership. He noted that the rulers who feigned as leaders had continued to ruin the nation, and her citizens.

“Looking at the stand of things in Nigeria, no sincere and sane person will deny the obvious fact that we don’t have leaders in Nigeria. In place of leaders, we have articulated bundle of selfish, wicked, insensitive, and conscienceless businessmen and women masquerading as politicians and leaders who feed fat on the woes, pains, groans and humiliations of the helpless citizens.

“Is it not abysmally unthinkable and shameful that after sixty-four years of existence as an independent nation, Nigeria cannot have functional refineries? The hardship and strangulating pains that the removal of oil subsidy without institutional cushioning plan, and platforms have put Nigerians into have become glaringly unbearable. Over 300% hike in electricity tariff, with no electricity still remains an inexplicable puzzle. In which part of the world, except Nigeria do citizens pay for the services they were not provided?

“It is only in Nigeria that politicians make citizens to celebrate road construction as a great achievement. Government at all levels exists to provide basic amenities for her citizens. Nigeria remains the world’s largest importer of power generating sets. The economy of Nigeria is heading to total collapse. The education sector of Nigeria is in shambles. It is only in Nigeria that kidnappers will be using cell phone to negotiate for ransom with the families of their victims, and our security agencies have nothing to offer as solution.

“Nigerians are bleeding heavily. The level of brain drain Nigeria is experiencing currently is a sign of a nation going into extinction. Why can’t the present administration concentrate on fixing the already dilapidated road infrastructure all over the nation, instead of embarking on some white elephant projects like the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway?

“Just to further substantiate the insensitivity of leaders and leadership, the Federal Government with the approval of the National Assembly announced that they have budgeted N869billion to conduct 2024 national census. Of what economic, security, infrastructural development use is this census to an average Nigerian? What is so exciting about counting poverty stricken, and hunger devouring populace?

“To my mind, what Nigerians need urgently and acutely are: poverty and hunger eradication; eradication of insecurity, banditry and terrorism; effective, affordable, and easily accessible health care.

“Others are functional, impactful, purpose-driven and well-equipped education system and education institutions; readily available petrol and diesel at a cost that does not give high blood pressure to Nigerians.

“Nigerians are hungry; Nigerians have been subjugated by her rulers. Currently, Nigerian is like a rudderless ship in the midst of a high sea. Our politicians have intentionally weaponized poverty against Nigerians. An average Nigerian is only thinking of survival instead of thinking of advancement, development, and fulfillment.

“It is time that the Nigerian populace brace up and brave up to hold her rulers accountable and responsible. Palliative giving is not an acceptable economic programme for lifting citizens out of poverty and hopelessness.

“The government should forget this baseless and gainless proposal for census, and use the money to give meaningful and realistic minimum wage to her dying civil and public servants. Let me remind our politicians and rulers that they can hold the people down for some time, but they cannot hold the people down forever. Nigeria is collapsing, Nigerians are bleeding. Our youths are not just travelling out, they are fleeing from the country. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine, “His Lordship submitted.

On Anambra scene, Bishop Ikeakor commended Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State for what he noted as various road projects he had embarked on including the flyover construction at Ekwulobia.

He said that singular project would be a great game changer in the movement of vehicles, people and goods.

The Bishop, however, called the attention of the Governor to the fact that security still remained a very critical challenge in Anambra state. He said the issue of kidnapping was rearing its ugly head on a daily basis in various parts of the state.

He cited places like Ukpo-Ukwulu axis which he said needed very urgent security attention, adding that Uga-Amesi-Umuchu-Umunze road had become kidnappers’ feasting avenue without confrontation.

“Awka capital city and its environs are not spared either. We appeal to our able Governor to raise the bar of security higher than what it is currently in Anambra State.

“It is still a great mystery that criminals and kidnappers can be communicating with phones while negotiating with victims of their nefarious activities in this digital and technologically advanced age, and yet security operatives seem helpless in tracking them down. This is an embarrassing evidence of technological backwardness in both our nation at large, and Anambra State in particular.

“In another development, we plead with his Excellency to carefully scrutinize the activities and modus operandi of government revenue collectors in the State. Things should be done decently in this modern age and generation.

“May we still remind the Governor that both government owned schools and mission owned schools are all working for the betterment of education in Anambra State. The recent pendulum of attention to Schools swinging towards the Government public schools is not the best arrangement. The State Government should stop discriminating against returned mission schools in terms of recruitment and posting of qualified teachers. The State and Church have been and will continue to be partners in progress.

“Your Excellency, we know that you meant well when you decided to gift every Headmaster, Headmistress, and Principals in Government public schools a Laptop. This is very commendable ideally, but what is more important is ‘what purpose was that meant to serve?’ Giving Laptop to a category of civil servants with almost no knowledge of how to use the laptop is as good as nothing.

“I am of the opinion that if Government has used those laptops to build and equip computer laboratories in the secondary schools to engage and teach this age bracket who are internet natives, it would have been very beneficial to the state and the students. We pray that Government should always listen to the opinion and informed suggestions from trusted sincere stakeholders, instead of praise singers and sycophants.

“Your Excellency, while we commend the use of local or indigenous road contractors to construct our roads, attention should be given to quality of work they are doing on the road. It is still colossal economic waste for the state to be constructing roads that do not endure or survive one year raining season. We continue to pray for His Excellency to succeed fully in fulfilling all his electioneering campaign promises to Anambarians, “the Bishop further added.

On the theme of the synod, His Lordship said it was not chosen for the purpose of fulfilling all righteousness.

He said the choice was rather borne out of the burning contemporary developments, undeniable upsurge of paganism, idolatry, ritualism and syncretism in society in general, and among church members in particular.

He explained that the Bishop’s charge would no doubt not discuss the very vast theme exhaustively, taking cognizance of the limited time to exegete on it. He, however, said the theme would be opened up for more detailed, grassroots and understandable piece meal digestion in the Diocese.

While delivering sermon on the theme of the synod Sunday to cap the event, His Lordship Rt Revd Sam Chukwuka commended Bishop Ikeakor for choosing the theme in reflection of what is currently happening in society. He said youths had dedicated much of their time to worship of idols. He declared that this did not end at youths, noting that the clergy and Knights could sometimes be idol worshippers in various forms.

“People look for power where there is no power. Idol worshippers provoke God. Heaven is real and hellfire is real. If you give your life to Christ, you will then see that there is power in the Lord Jesus. If you say you are born again, and still have any object that takes the place of God in your life, that’s idolatry.

“Priests should mobilize the church for evangelism. Officers of the church should be trained in the word of God. That is the discipleship. Start any meeting with the word of God. If you do God’s work God’s way, you will never lack resources, “Bishop Chukwuka submitted.

While addressing the synod, Governor Soludo said idolatry had taken over Igboland especially the youths.

The Governor who was represented by the Deputy Governor, Dr Onyekachukwu Ibezim congratulated Bishop Ikeakor on the success of the synod and his careful selection of the theme which he described as apt.

He said the non state actors otherwise called unknown gunmen, though he said they were known, had demonstrated high level of enthusiasm in idol worshipping.

He explained that this was observed each time security operatives attacked and arrested the hoodlums at their hideouts where charms of various kinds were always recovered and destroyed after the attack.

The Governor insisted that the theme of the synod should be the focal point of other churches in the state to tackle idolatry.

He said that mothers should advise their children to stay away from idols to live a useful life. He said that churches should as well join the war against idol worshipping among the youths.

Other dignitaries at the event were Igwe Kenneth Orizu III, Igwe Nnewi; Igwe Col Onebunne, Igwe Akwaihedi; Anambra state Commissioner for Environment, Hon Felix Odumegwu; Archbishop Alexander Ibezim, of Awka Diocese; Bishop Obiorah Uzochukwu, Mbamili; Archbishop Godwin Okpala; Bishop Joseph Moses, Ida Diocese; Bishop Samuel Ezeofor of Aguata Diocese; Rt Revd Prof Isreal Okoye of Ihiala Diocese, among others.

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