Philantrophist sues for peace, unity as Ndiowu celebrates Thanksgiving Day

A philanthropist in Ndiowu, Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Dr. Joseph Onuorah has called on people of the community to explore ways to live together and cherish one another as one people under God.

He also urged them to endeavour to manifest true spirit of the ideal Ndiowu man and woman as captured in their NTU motto of “Unity, Peace and Progress”.

Speaking ahead of the 2023 Ndiowu Annual Thanksgiving day, Onuorah identified Ndiowu’s real enemy as insecurity, poverty, crime, youth unemployment, poor healthcare amenities, soil erosion, decaying infrastructures, criminal herdsmen and frightening drug addiction among the youths.

He called on the town’s elites, eminent personalities and stakeholders to sheath their swords, insisting it was time to unite and move forward to a beautiful, prosperous, liveable and admirable Ndiowu.

He said: “There is no gainsaying the fact that in the last 7 years, Ndiowu has gone through a very difficult and tumultuous experience; culturally, politically, and economically.

“Our unity and togetherness as a people were stretched to its elastic limits, our collective prosperity dwindled because we fought over issues that could be settled around the table as men.

“Some will say that we lived as strangers under the same roof, and nobody can claim to have enjoyed this period of rancour and strife which were unfortunately passed on to affect the minds and mentality of innocent youths and Children.

“Irrespective of our Political leaning in the community, it’s an undisputable truth that we can never prosper except we give peace a chance. Together everyone achieves more and in peace, there is shared prosperity for everyone.

“We should endeavour to manifest the true spirit of the Ideal Ndiowu Man and Woman as aptly etched in our NTU motto which are Unity, Peace and Progress. Without the first two, the latter will remain a pipedream.

“It is my earnest desire that on this historic Thanksgiving Day, we ALL shall continue to reach out to all sides, forgiving all the hurts, erasing the old norms, stories, divisions, strife and healing the old wounds.

“Our real enemy is not the next Ndiowu Man or Woman; Our true enemies common to all of us and they are General Insecurity, Poverty, Crime, Youth Unemployment, Poor Healthcare Amenities, Soil Erosion, Decaying Infrastructures, Criminal Herdsmen and frightening Drug Addiction among young people.

“Ndiowu shall remain one united family irrespective of the quarters and the villages, irrespective of socioeconomic background and modes of worship.

“We should always find common grounds like this 2023 Ndiowu thanksgiving Ceremony of today, Age grade programmes and many other unifying initiatives of the Engr. Chike Emenike led executive.

“We should face our common enemies together, we should prosper, and we can rebuild our town to be the pride of Orumba and Anambra State as a whole.

“I call on all our elites, men and women of means, eminent personalities and stakeholders to sheath their swords. We have fought gallantly as Men. Now is the time to Unite as one and move forward to a Beautiful, Prosperous, Liveable and Admirable Ndiowu.

“Let’s support morally and contribute financially to the programs and activities of the current and future NTU executives to build our home town that will be ideal for us, our children and generations unborn. An Ndiowu that we all shall be very proud of. It can be done. It should be done. & God willing It will be done.”

Appreciating God for his benevolence to the community regardless of difficult socio-economic situation of the state, southeast and Nigeria at large, Onuorah prayed that 2024 and beyond would bring unmerited favours, good health, divine prosperity and peaceful coexistence in Ndiowu and individual families.

He felicitated with President General of Ndiowu Town Union (NTU); Engr. Chike Emenike and entire good people of Ndiowu at home and in diaspora, the executives of NTU, the Elders, the Umuada, the youths, the children, our in-laws from far and wide.

“I also congratulate our neighboring villages, visiting dignitaries, State and Local government representatives, friends and well-wishers as I bring this goodwill message in solidarity as a Son and a stakeholder of our dear town Ndiowu.

“It is indeed justified to set aside this time of the year within the Yuletide celebrations to give special thanks to God who has been our help in ages past and our Hope for the years to come. As Ndiowu succeeds, we all succeed.

“The peace and development of Ndiowu, as well as other component parts of our dear Anambra State, is of paramount importance to the individual successes of every one of us.”

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