Osinachi’s new single “Remember” hits Boomplay, YouTube today, Dec 28

Popular gospel singer Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu (aka Sinach) is poised to uplift spirits and set the tone for the New Year with the release of her highly anticipated single, Remember, on Thursday December 28.

Daily Sun reports that the song, which will be released exclusively on Boomplay and YouTube, serves as a powerful prophetic anthem, inspiring listeners to enter the New Year with unwavering faith.Ezoic

Sinach, whose impact on the gospel music scene is unparalleled, continues to be a beacon of inspiration for millions around the world. With this new single, she reinforces her commitment to spreading the message of faith, love and gratitude.

According to the musician, “Remember” is not just a song, but a timely reminder of God’s faithfulness and a call to reflect on the blessings and miracles that have defined 2023 journey, an experience that transcends musical boundaries, inviting believers to come together in worship and celebration of God’s goodness.Ezoic

Sinach’s soul-stirring vocals combined with the heartfelt lyrics create an atmosphere of gratitude and anticipation for the abundance of blessings in the year ahead.

As believers prepare to bid farewell to 2023, Sinach’s “Remember” encourages them to enter 2024 with a renewed sense of hope and confidence in God’s unfailing love. The song resonates with the assurance that if God has been faithful in the past year, He will undoubtedly exceed expectations in the coming one.

In “Remember”, fans and followers of Sinach can expect a musical masterpiece that seamlessly blends captivating melodies with profound lyrics.Ezoic

“This prophetic anthem is set to resonate in the hearts of believers, serving as a powerful reminder that with faith, anything is possible,” Sinach noted.

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