Market leader begins sensitization for Gov Soludo’s 2nd tenure

By Polycarp Ifeanyi, Onitsha

The care taker committee Chairman of Bridge-Head market, Onitsha, Anambra State, Hon. Chinedu Ezekwike has promised to ensure for the second tenure of Professor Charles Soludo.

Hon. Ezekwike who is also a staunch member of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) made the promise after Soludo Support Group (SSG) was inaugurated at the Bridge-Head Market Onitsha.

In an interview with journalists in Onitsha, Hon. Ezekwike disclosed that there was no time to waste since Soludo Support Group ( SSG) has been inaugurated in his market which he described as a nice strategy to  give victory to the Governor in 2025. 

He further explained that SSG was a formidable group of APGA loyalist in charge of propagating the programmes and activities of Governor Soludo to the grassroots in the State so that the aged men and women should understand all the developmental strides of Professor Soludo in the State.

” Some people are not in the social media while some don’t even have android phone to read and understand the good work of our solution Governor. So, it is through the information the Soludo support group will pass will educate the rural dwellers to hear and feel the positive impact of Governor Soludo’s achievements.

” Like in Bridge-Head Market, I can recount some developmental projects which the Governor has done. We are one of the beneficiaries from Soludo’s government. The road of Niger Street is serving Bridge-Head Market, Port Harcourt Road is serving Bridge-Head Market. Then, from Asaba express way, the solar lights which he mounted through service lane is also a pure security for our market”

” So, that is why I emphasize  that SSG in Anambra is imperative and I am urging all the Anambrarians to support them. Actually, I am one of them and I believe that all the traders in our market are also SSG members. But my fear is that the slogan ” Solution” is growing more popular than APGA party itself. So, I am urging the support group that anywhere they are going for Soludo enlightenment programme, they should also make the people especially the aged people to understand that ” Solution” is also APGA party while APGA party is Solution. 

” I personally went to Okpoko in Ogbaru LGA to interview the aged women. After asking them about the impact of Government in Okpoko, they were so overwhelmed. So, when I asked them where they will vote in the coming election, they said ” SOLUTION”. 

”  At this point, I discovered that they might go to polling boot and start looking for SOLUTION which is not included in the ballot paper. What is in the ballot paper is APGA . There is no Solution there. So, there is need to be educating the aged people that solution movement is also APGA party movement. So,  I will like SSG to put it into practice while propagating the message so that people will understand that Solution and APGA party are the same thing and they work together, “Hon. Ezekwike concluded.

He unequivocally said that the second tenure of Professor Soludo was sacrosanct, adding that no negotiation come 2025 as far as Professor Soludo was concerned.

He equally poured encomium on the national convener of SSG, Chief Chinedu Nwoye, fondly called “Glamour” for his initiative to bring and inaugurated the SSG group in the market, saying that it was a nice development that would get landslide victory for Professor Soludo in the 2025 election.

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