Landlord association kicks against double payment for landed property, as developers run to Soludo for rescue

Members of the Divine Heaven Amalgamated Landlords Association, Ifite-Nteje in Oyi Local Governement Area of Anambra state, Wednesday, trooped out in their hundreds and barricaded airport road, Ifite-Nteje in protest against destruction of their property by youths of the community.

The protesters made up of men and women who displayed placards with various inscriptions asking for Governor Soludo’s intervention were visibly angry over destruction of their property. They said many buildings including a hotel located at the Anambra state Airport Road Ifite-Nteje worth billions of Naira were allegedly destroyed by a group parading themselves as the executive members of Ifite-Nteje Development Union.

One of the victims of the destruction whose name was given as Malachy Chukwu the owner of the demolished hotel was said to have taken his life.

It is gathered that about seventy associations acquired the vast land occupying strategic position along the airport road and that most of the buildings destroyed were at various stages of completion.

In his reaction, the Secretary of ifite-Nteje land management committee, Mr Ngoesina Okechukwu said the estate developers followed the due process in the acquisition of the land from Ifite-Nteje.

Mr Okechukwu, a lawyer said he was in Abuja and heard about the protest organised by the opposition, who were claiming to be executive members of Ifite-Nteje Development Union.

The same group was said to have claimed they had abolished the Ifite-Nteje land management committee and revoked the land sold to the landlords association.

Mr Okechukwu explained that the Ifite-Nteje land management committee was a body constituted by the community with power of attorney which could sue and be sued.

He said the court had taken judicial notice of the land committee as representative of Ifite-Nteje, in so many cases, securing judgement for the entire Nteje community.

He described the people making the allegations as meddlesome interlopers, adding that the Ifite-Nteje community has a way of hoisting leadership in a traditional way.

In his reaction, the Chairman of the Divine Heaven Amalgamated Landlords Association, Chief Patrick Maduegbuna disclosed that the transaction took place in 2019 and that the association started developing the place after payment.

“But all of a sudden, they started demolishing our property there saying that the land deal had been revoked.

“They demolished houses, hotel and other buildings nearing completion.

“We called them to know what was the matter, they said we did not buy the land correctly, that we should buy it again and add money.

“That’s why we are protesting, appealing to Governor Charles Soludo to come to our rescue because we don’t want to take laws into our hands. There are more than seven estates there. All we want is to have our property back, “he said.

Also speaking the secretary of the association, Mr Nwako Maduka said the landlords paid all the required dues and the documents signed by the same people who were trying to revoke the land sold to them genuinely.

He called on the state Governor, Professor Soludo to intervene in the matter to avoid total break down of law and order in the state.

Mrs Mariam Ijieoma, a civil servant expressed regret that her entire savings for life was used in acquiring a portion of land there, pleading that the state Governor should salvage the situation in the interest of justice, as she could not afford to buy the land for the second time.

The Chairman, Ifite-Nteje land management committee, Chief Ikechukwu Erikeife said some young men who previously sold their own plots were making efforts to sell the same land for the second time, adding that land grabbing to make money at all cost was the source of confusion in Ifite-Nteje.

He said that the parcels of land were acquired by the developers through the right source.
He promised that the situation would be looked into as the protesters could not afford to buy the land for the second time.

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