Ikemba Front unveils membership form, as Senator Ubah officially registers

In a bold step towards boosting its membership records and statistics, the flagship political structure for Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah (IKEMBA FRONT), yesterday, unveiled its membership form.

The yesterday’s official launch of IKEMBA FRONT’s registration process is in line with the group’s interest in capturing real time data of its members tailored towards building a comprehensive database of members.

The unveiling which was done during the National, Zonal, Council Areas meeting at its National Headquarters, Awka, saw the National Coordinator, Sir Arinzechukwu Awogu and the National Youth Leader, Dr Charles Ebulue presenting the first form to the Distinguished Senator Dr Ubah as the first member of the group.

The membership form, according to Sir Arinzechukwu Awogu, would herald the membership digitalization plans of the organisation’s administrative process such that no member of the group would be lost in any benefit and corresponding obligations.

“With the databank we are building, no one will jump up tomorrow to claim that he is a member whereas he is not, the database will prove him wrong. We’ve seen such situations lead to the painful denial of rights and privileges that should accrue to the actual members, that is, the people that toiled and spinned for success to be attained.

“We do not want such to happen in IKEMBA FRONT and in what is to come. Our reward system will be record based. It will be built on track record of membershi, “Sir Awogu said.

Explaining the essence of the membership form, the ICT, Media/Publicity Secretary of IKEMBA FRONT, Dr Henry Obiozor, noted that identity of members was critical to the thinking of the leadership of IKEMBA FRONT.

“We already have 57,000 members across the state and more are joining and identifying with us at the unit level and it is the avowed desire of IKEMBA FRONT to have a comprehensive membership databank of members biodata and occupation. We intend to launch a membership support system for the vulnerable and less privileged among us. We also intend to give value for membership. Once issues about someone is raised, in split seconds we will have the person’s details in front of us and decisions could be quickly made effortlessly, that is the beauty, “Dr Obiozor said.

The form is fully designed with questions that suit the organization, it on-boards new members to programmes and manage their data and update. All the 21 LGA Coordinators and 11 Zonal Coordinators were in the meeting and were handed the membership forms for their respective zones and local government areas.

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