Ebonyi man traces POS operator to Anambra to return N274, 000 excess transfer

A 39-year old man, Mr Vincent Nwogbodo a Point of Sale (POS) operator in Ebonyi State has returned the sum of N274,000 an excess of money transferred into his account by one Mrs Jane Asogwa at Eke Nibo in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Nwogbodo who also hails from Ebonyi State operates his POS business in Ishieke in Ebonyi local government area of the state when he received alert of N305,000 instead of N30,500 from a customer in Anambra state who wanted to send money home through his POS.

He said that the sender of the money had already concluded the transfer of the cash at Nibo in Anambra state when he noticed that it was over transfer of cash that was credited to his account, saying that he could not trace the POS operator where the money came from which made him to continue for search of the sender.

It was like a drama when Mr Nwogbodo met with Mrs Asogwa at Eke Nibo after much explanations, as she started shouting and dancing around the market to have recovered her over paid money which she felt had gone.

The traders and market women gathered in their numbers and started singing and dancing in celebration, praising and praying for Mr Nwogbodo for his kind and God-fearing mind.

Speaking to The Nija Sun which incidentally stormed the place, Nwogbodo said he decided to trace the owner of the money through her Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration as he never believed in unrighteous way of richness, adding that he believed in a genuine way of making money.

“Someone from my village who is residing there (Anambra) gave my account number to her to send the money I will give to her people in the village as someone she trusted instead of N30,500 the woman, the POS operator mistakenly transferred N305,000.

“The one who sent the money to my account did not know what happened and she doesn’t have a phone. I then trace them from CAC through their Business Name Jimas Communication Network and traced the owner from Ebonyi to Anambra state to handover the cash to the owner.

“I returned the money due to my faith in God, any money I did not work for is not my money unless someone willingly gifted me. Secondly, Moniepoint Microfinance bank that I am using for my business is trustworthy and dependable, I emulate them even as I urge the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to grant full Banking Status to them so that they will help to stabilize the economy.

Mrs Asogwa who hails from Enugu State but operates her business at Eke Nibo when she was identified by Nwogbodo as POS operator at the market shouted with joy which made traders and other market women to gather to witness the miracle.

She said she never believed that human beings and a youth will be trustworthy and could exhibit such Godly manner by returning money to somebody he doesn’t know.

“I made a mistake of transferring N305, 000 instead of N30,500. I didn’t notice immediately due to number of customers at my shop that day but I realized that my money for business was going down until he came to explain and I recalled and went back to my debit alert and noticed the mistake.

“I don’t know that such a person still exists in this country. How can a young man of this age not only returned money over paid to him without request but also traced the sender he doesn’t know from Ebonyi to Anambra to return the money. It was a miracle. I can see that not every young people are ‘Yahoo boys or Do 419 in this country. We still have genuine people like Vincent.

“Nigerians should be celebrating such a character. Government, good spirited individuals and NGO as well as agencies should honour him and appreciate him to teach others lesson of good character. We should appreciate good character than to hail evil. This man needs to be supported morally, financially and otherwise for this singular act. It could be anybody.

“I prayed God to highly and surely bless him beyond measures for such uncommon display of trust. Our youths should learn from such a character, we should be contented with what we have and whom we are than to live fake and fraudulent life. He (Vincent) is a good ambassador of Moneypoint Microfinance Bank and Nigeria as a whole, ” Mrs Asogwa said.

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