Distributors, retailers, others jubilate as company launches ‘Isiagu Cafe Liqueur’ in Onitsha

It was jubilation galore for traders, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and residents of Onitsha as Isiagu Cafe Liqueur was launched in Onitsha, Anambra State the commercial hub of South Eastern Nigeria.

Speaking during the launch and unveiling of the product, the Senior Brand Manager, Nnenne Uche Onyenacho disclosed that the product was a celebration of the resilience, bravery, entrepreneurship and hard work of the Igbo man who weathered various storms and came out successful.

He noted that the packaging has been adorned with various Eastern assets like the Ofor (staff of office), a symbol of authority, the lion head from which the brand name “Isiagu” is derived which he said represented bravery and strength.

According to him, the tagline “mnanya nwafor” aptly described the brand as the drink for the son of the soil.

Commending the company, one of the distributors, Chief Sonny Nwankwo, who came from Enugu, expressed satisfaction with the new product saying: “I have tasted it and I like it, it’s very good and you can see that other guests who experienced the product during the launch enjoyed it and are excited as well.

“I am waiting for my supply in Enugu where I came from to witness the launch of the ‘Isiagu Cafe Liqueur’. They also gave me take home like they did to everyone here so that you also can drink at home for your happiness,” he noted.

The Marketing Manager, Mr Gbemileke Lawal, further reiterated the fact that the product is a drink for indulgence that offers a unique flavour and experience.

“It can be consumed straight or as a cocktail at various connection points like bars and lounges as well as at home with friends and family, “he added.

He explained that the brand is available in 20cl and 75cl SKUs making it affordable for different consumer profiles and would be distributed through various channels which include modern trade outlets, supermarkets, open markets, bars and lounges.

Among those who joined in the unveiling of the new product included, the company personnel, distributors, and stakeholders.

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