Biafra: Agitation for Biafra takes new dimension, as BRGIE begins self-referendum e-voting for all Biafrans globally *40 United States of Biafra listed

The Biafra Republic Government in Exile (BRGIE) has kick-started Biafra self-referendum to actualize the age-long agitated sovereign nation called The United States of Biafra.

The self-acclaimed Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government in Exile, Mazi Simon Ikpa said in information posted to his X handle that as a Biafran, you could participate in the referendum through e-voting anywhere in the world by visiting the link bellow for general ballot:

Bellow are further pieces of information from the X handle:


  • Note: Only adults of 18 years of age and above are eligible to take part in this democratic process.



As a Biafra citizen, you have the right to freely choose your sovereignty. We have collectively agreed in principle, backed by our more than 2 and half years weekly Monday Sit-at-Home civil disobedience and numerous elections we have boycotted, including the Anambra State gubernatorial election in November 2021, the Imo State gubernatorial election of November 2023, and Nigeria general election of February 2023, in which about 24 million voters were registered in the Biafra regions of Southeast and Southsouth Nigeria, but only about 4 million people voted while over 20 million refused to participate in obedience to the Sit-at Home called by the Biafra Government in Exile. 

Likewise, Biafrans have demonstrated unparalleled loyalty to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra Government in Exile by sitting at home during our Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s court appearances. Collectively, through these actions, Biafrans have demonstrated beyond doubt a desire to be free from subjugation and unprovoked periodic massacre of our people. As such, we are taking and have taken steps to satisfy requirements for a peaceful actualization of a quest for self-preservation and independence of the United States of Biafra. 

Through the ongoing delegitimization of Nigeria in Biafra territory(through Grievance Declaration, institutionalisation Declaration and Commitment Declaration) and the legitimization of the Biafra Government, the Biafra Liberation have attained the status for a state recognition by successfully setting up institutions required by international law and standards.

This self-referendum election provides yet another step towards our freedom. As a Biafra citizen, you will further demonstrate your resolve for an independent United States of Biafra by participating in the Biafra Self Referendum (BSR).


1. You must be a Biafran by birth (born of mother and/or father who themselves are Biafrans). 

2. You must be 18 years and older. 

3. You must know your State which serve as your precinct. 

4. You must have a passport photo or a phone that can take your passport photo. Your photo must not be more than 2MB. 


The Biafra Republic Government in Exile(BRGIE) makes voting easy, fair, and safe for all types of voters, including domestic (Biafrans resident in the homeland), diaspora within Nigeria (Biafrans resident in Nigeria), diaspora outside Nigeria (Biafrans resident outside Nigeria). BRGIE uses an invaluable system to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in this democratic process. Our Liaison officials and Media Teams will provide actionable answers to Biafra voters who may have questions on how to complete their voting. 


BRGIE will protect the confidentiality of all data collected to the maximum extent allowable by law. Data capturing, recording, storage, and access will be conducted in a manner that ensures the privacy of Biafrans. BRGIE data capturing is automated, sophisticated, yet user friendly. 

The data security protocol in place minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, use and disclosure of voter’s personal information. Data is encrypted while in-transit and even at-rest. Storage of data will be in accordance with robust standards set by BRGIE IT team and committee charged with handling of confidential information and consistent with international electronic data handling standards . 

Only trained and authorized BRGIE officials directly involved in the administration of the BSR voting will have access to the databases. The authorized individuals will have the lowest level of access to data and database functionality necessary to perform their jobs. These individuals will not have editing privileges. Access to BRGIE databases will be tracked through audit logs for accountability. 

 This will help monitor traffic to the database and users will be promptly identified. In the event of a data breach involving voter’s personal data (not expected), BRGIE will quickly notify impacted individuals and appropriate remedies implemented. 

I have read, understood, and agree with the above BRGIE policy on information, data privacy and confidentiality.

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