Awkuzu Ibilibeogada Igu Aro festival 2024 ends well

Eze Chibuike Okafor, Eze Aganama lll and wife

By Akuma

The Aganama Royal Family led by the traditional ruler, Eze Chibuike Okafor, Eze Aganama lll joyfully organized their annual event called Igu Aro festival as part of promoting Igbo culture and tradition.

The event that took place at Obieze (Kings palace) Iruayika Awkuzu witnessed all the sons and daughters of Awkuzu, people from different towns, friends and well wishers within and outside the state including Igwe Ojeli na Brazil.

Different age grades, groups, clubs including Ifunaya age grade, omelana by eze, political wards were also present.

In his opening remark at the event, Eze Okafor, the Obi of Awkuzu welcomed everyone for making it possible to come. He thanked God for His blessings and protections upon them.

Igwe Ojeli na Brazil in white cap and royal regalia

The Onowu Awkuzu, Chief Tochukwu Mgbako described the Igu Aro of Awkuzu Ibilibeogada as a yearly event which went successfully. He disclosed that Igu Aro wss a time they gathered to thank God and ask for more protection as they were about to begin a new farming season. The Onowu also explained that the period showed that they were about to experience food scarcity and the need to prepare for the season.

He advised the youth especially to stay away from crimes and try to participate in the cultivating season for a bountiful harvest by September.

Onowu appreciated all the people of Awkuzu for making the event a success and also thanked Eze Okafor and all their friends that came.

Some of the dignatries that were interviewed include Igwe Ojeli na Brazil, Mr Izuchukwu Ani, Ezenwanyi Chinwe and Ikukundu who thanked God that their cultural heritage was kept alive and urged everyone not to relent to in maintaining the culture and tradition of the land. They wished Eze Okafor long life in good health.

In response, Eze Okafor, with the titles of Eze dioramma na Awkuzu, Osisi Mmalamma Ugo na Ebenenuya appreciated all that supported especially those that came and prayed God for more progress, long life, promotion and to grant their heart desires.

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