Anambra government regrets mistaken identity in Tanya Okpala story

The Anambra State Government has expressed its regret and apology for the error of initially referring to the recently rescued Tanya Okpala as Jacqueline Okwueze.

Mr Christian ABURIME, Secretary to Governor Charles Soludo in a statement said it would be recalled that a few days ago, Tanya Okpala, the former Nigerian tennis champion, who was seen on the street of Awka, was widely referred to as Jacqueline Okwueze across various social media platforms.

Following public outcry to the Anambra State Government to come to her aid, she was traced and taken into custody for proper care by the State government

In its initial reference to the story, the State Government equally, wrongly referred to Tanya Okpala as Jacqueline Okwueze, following the lead from many social media publications. When it came to the attention of the Government that the true identity of the lady was Tanya Okpala, the Government immediately pulled down the publication and published the correct information which then referred to the lady as Tanya Okpala.

Mr ABURIME said the error in the initial reference was based on a mistaken identity, founded on a mere reference to the same name that was represented to the State as the lady in question.

The State Government wishes to officially retract the said initial reference to Jacqueline Okwueze and hereby apologizes to Jacqueline Okwueze for the mix-up.

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